Let’s Watch how AutoForexTrader handles another candidate. This time, it is AUDCHF currency pair.

Trading with AUDCHF brought another great result, while keeping very low drawdown levels again! Constantly, we are doing our best to make sure the AutoForexTrader performs with these two key features: making a profit and keep the DD level on leash. Even though AutoForexTrader was set to target lowest possible risk first of all, the market rewarded this approach with another outstanding result.

Trading with one currency pair is mostly for those traders, who prefer less risky trading strategy with lower annual performance of up to 10% p.a.. 

Watch this short video & see how it all ended:

Let’s see a short summary:

  • Applied trading strategy: Super-conservative
  • Period traded: 01.05.2014 – 31.5.2015
  • Initial deposit: 10 000 USD
  • Max. drawdown reached: 468.00 (4.68%)
  • Profit after 12 months: 2 004.21 USD (20.04%)
  • Volume of bought trades / Floating P/L after 12 months: – 840.62 USD
  • Net Profit: 1 163.59 USD* (11.64%)

*Net profit presents profit at the moment of a trading year ending by May 31, 2015 and closing all the positions. To do that, we do not have any rationally based reason, however. Thus, we would wait until the trading cycle closes in order to maximize our Net Profit. In this video, we were looking to present real life example, rather than making up results looking too good. To get there, however, one needs a bit more patience.


Who might prefer such trading strategy?

  • traders who prefer to invest minimum time into looking after their investment
  • traders, who want to minimize the risk which is inevitable part of forex trading
  • traders who do not seek tens or hundreds of percent interest p.a.
  • traders and investors who like to combine very simple and lower risk trading strategies in order to maximize potential profits while keeping the risk under sophisticated control (we’ll talk about this more later this autumn, it needs a trader to have certain level of skill)


What were the basic characteristics of this investment?

During the year we applied the latest version of Automated Forex Trader at AUDCHF currency pair between May 2014 and May 2015. Trading was performed via Metatrader 4 trading platform with initial investment of USD 10 000. AutoForexTrader has opened total of 239 trading positions, 120 out of which were SHORT and 119 LONG trades. The video presents three main parts of tested period – intro, middle and closing part.


Why trading AUDCHF & what are its characteristics?

AUDCHF currency pair is characteristic for lower liquidity in comparison with the majors. To determine the trend of the future direction of the currency pair, it is important to monitor the economic results of the US economy, because each currency in the pair is strongly influenced by the US dollar. Australia is among the biggest exporters of raw materials mining industry. On the other hand, Swiss franc is one of the most stable world currencies. For many years the Swiss economy remains at a high, stable level. That is why, swissy becomes a “safe haven” for many investors during crises. Further, it increases sharply against other currencies.


AUDCHF performed with interest resulting above the average of 10% p.a.

AutoForexTrader had to deal with a large amount of volatility in the market. Most of it caused by the decisions of each central bank and key economic indicators based on results of both economies. The most important fundamental factors causing higher volatility were market interest rate reductions by 0.25% one after another. The RBA (Australia’s central bank) moved the key interest rate from 2.50% to 2.00% during the test period. Another factor was the abolition of PEG on EURCHF by the Swiss central bank. The result was already very well known massive strengthening of the franc. AUDCHF fell more than 800 points in a matter of minutes. Though, AutoForexTrader handled all situations with maintaining a minimum risk. The result is a net overall gain of 1 163.59 USD p.a. and the maximum drawdown achieved with an overview of only 4.68% over the whole test period!

This result is, yet, another proof of how AutoForexTrader superbly minimizes the risk while trading the best for you.

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