AutoForexTrader LITE – What is it about?

We are proud to introduce another member of our AutoForexTrader Family members – AutoForexTrader LITE. As well as its older brother, this version is lifelong and can be used to trade on up to 4 trading accounts. Moreover, it comes up with all the most recent properties and upgrades with few differences to its older brother.


So, what is the difference between these versions?

While AutoForexTrader includes no major limitations, the Automated Forex Trader LITE version properties can offer:

  • automated trading can be performed on maximum 2 currency pairs at a time per 1 trading account
  • aggressive trading strategy mode is not available at LITE version
  • maximum trading account balance is limited to 6 000 EUR/USD or its equivalent in other currency
  • Idea you might consider: the maximum trading account starting balance of USD / EUR 5 000 will allow any trader to grow your account up to the 6 000 account balance. Afterwords, a trader can withdraw his/her profits and keep going with the same strategy. Alternatively, one can divide those 6 000 units into 2 smaller accounts and keep going that way trading the same or different currency pairs to spread the risk out. Such diversification can be often seen as very useful trading strategy by AutoForexTrader LITE users.


Who is the LITE version made for?

AutoForexTrader LITE is mainly designed for:

  • forex trading beginers or less intermediary skilled traders
  • more conservative like traders
  • forex traders with initial trading deposits of USD/EUR 1 000 up to 5 500
  • forex traders who prefer trading with maximum 1 to 2 currency pairs at a time
  • forex traders who wants to save some initial costs and test AutoForexTrader LIVE longterm with lower account balance


Maximizing Profit vs. Minimizing Costs? AutoForexTrader LITE is the way to do it!

  • forex traders who plan to start trading with account balance of about USD/EUR 5 000, we can offer to have VPS Forex Hosting at USD/EUR 0 / month! For more information about this special deal, contact us via contact form, or at contact [@] autoforextrader [dot] net. Why do you need VPS Hosting you can read here.
  • Initial deposit of USD / EUR 5 000 will allow trader to trade maximum 2 currency pairs, thus, to maximize profits
  • to maximize performance, a trader can also combine 2 out of 3 available trading strategies. For example 1st currency pair applying Super-Conservative, 2nd  pair applying the Conservative one. Furthermore, you can pick the pairs yourself. Just let us know and we will be happy to set the EA for you.
  • BONUS: Do you want to get AutoForexTrader LITE completely FREE? Find out about how to get a Full Refund HERE.


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