Recently, we have tested our Automated Forex Trader with EURUSD currency pair. What was the outcome and results?

In this short video, you will see how does this EA perform, how does it opens and closes trading positions.
Follow the comments and important links in the video all the way to its end. Trades execution in the real time, outcome of all executed trades and a bit more you can watch here:

Watch Automated Forex Trader in action!

Done watching?

In the video above, you could see exactly how does Automated Forex Trader (AFT) functions.
If you enjoyed watching this video, we’ll be happy to see thumbs up from you. Any feedback or questions you might have are highly appreciated. Soon, we will introduce more videos. Currently, we are working on more videos for you showing AFT working hard on some other key currency pairs preferred by traders.

What can you expect next time?

Further, we plan to demonstrate how does Automated Forex Trader cope with larger one-way market moves with no or very few corrections. In addition, how does it cope with unexpected market news and moves. Also, we will see potential profits and more importantly great loss-prevention mode in action. As we have been convinced for a long time trading, risk control is more important than actual focus on making profit. Gradually, we will combine more currency pairs into one trading account and show combined profit and losses to make sure you can understand the full potential of the amazing EA.
All in all, algorithmic trading requests some minimum level of trading experience. Therefore, any novice or experienced trader should prefer trying the Automated Forex Trader with DEMO account at first. It is not a must, rather very well working process, which saves you – Traders lot of time and money!

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