AUDCHF | Video review | AutoForexTrader

Let’s Watch how AutoForexTrader handles another candidate. This time, it is AUDCHF currency pair. Trading with AUDCHF brought another great result, while keeping very low drawdown levels again! Constantly, we are doing our best to make sure the AutoForexTrader performs with these two key features: making a profit and keep the DD level on leash…

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CHFJPY Automated Forex Trader

CHFJPY | Video review | AutoForexTrader

Watch AutoForexTrading at CHFJPY currency pair. The same as last time, we let AutoForexTrader do the job for 1 calendar year. This particular currency pair was a bit different. Not only it performed very low drawdown (DD) levels but we also see what an opportunity can market offer to a patient and conservative investor. Trading with one currency pair is..

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AUDCAD | Video review | AutoForexTrader

This time, take a look at AutoForexTrading at AUDCAD currency pair. The same as last time, we let AutoForexTrader do the job for 1 calendar year. This particular currency pair was great choice to show some very low drawdown (DD) levels. Trading with one currency pair is mostly for those traders, who prefer less risky strategy with lower annual..

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AUDNZD Automated Forex Trader

AUDNZD | Video Review | AutoForexTrader

Recently, we have taken closer look at AutoForexTrading with AUDNZD currency pair. This time, we decided to take a look at what performance can AutomatedForexTrader offer trading for up to 12 months. AFT was applied with 1 currency pair, only. Later on, as more videos will be added, we will point out also how to combine..

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autoforextrader free trial

Promotion: Trade 30 Days with AutoForexTrader | Free Trial

Why getting AutoForexTrader Free Trial? Firstly, because it’s free most of all; so, there will probably be no better opportunity to try it! Secondly, because our server’s capacity is limited and we can serve only a limited number of trials at a time. So, why trying this unique expert advisor right now? That should not..

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automated forex trader

Automated Forex Trader – Video Backtest

Recently, we have tested our Automated Forex Trader with EURUSD currency pair. What was the outcome and results? In this short video, you will see how does this EA perform, how does it opens and closes trading positions. Follow the comments and important links in the video all the way to its end. Trades execution in the..

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Best automated forex trader

Introducing Automated Forex Trader – vol. 1

Best Automated Forex Trader? Maybe. In this short article, we will do our best to introduce first couple of key features of the best automated forex trader we have managed to make for our users in 7 years. Most traders have certainly experienced extremely volatile markets reminding pretty bad storm. Such volatility can be caused..

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automated forex trading system

Welcome to !

Your automated forex trading system is here Finally! Let me welcome you to our brand new web site dedicated to our awesome profit making machine called Automated Forex Trader. This amazing automated forex trading system is ready for you to take full advantage of it right now! We are excited about launching this site and..

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