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Your Questions – Our Answers

1. What is Automated Trading System (ATS)?

ATS (also known as Expert Advisor) is fully automated trading system, which can perform all trades according to in-advance programmed rules. All steps are programmed into sophisticated algorithmic rules, which allow ATS enter all orders for both opening and closing positions on your behalf.

3. What is VPS and why do I need it?

Virtual Privat Server (VPS) is your remote personal computer connected to a bullet proof internet connection and can safely run for you 24/7. Average PC can hardly be turned on for 365 days a year with non-breaking-down internet connection. Moreover, your home hardware might also let you down if it is used for such high performance is required! Do not hazard, it is not worth it. Check this article for more information.

5. Isn’t it too risky?

Yes, trading FOREX and trading in general goes hand in hand with very high risk of partial or total loss. For this reason, our team tailored for all AFT users 4 different strategy rules. All Automated Forex Trader users can choose any of these sophisticated money-management programs. One can go for aggressive or for super-conservative mode depending on the risk appetite of a trader. In general, Forex trading is not considered a conservative type of investment.

2. Can you prove that Automated Forex Trader really works?

Follow our Home page links for both DEMO & LIVE trading. Check real trading results in the real time. All trades and trading account details can be seen when you go to the details page. Not enough? Try it free for one month and see your own results yourself! Follow our step by step process on the main page.

4. Is it possible to get FREE VPS?

Of course! Most of the brokers in our broker comparison page can offer free virtual server for your AFT trading. There is conditions to fulfill of course, the basic one is to open LIVE trading account via links on these pages and send us your Free VPS request. Conditions are different with every broker, but we will do our best to get you set up as smooth as possible! Interested to know more? Contact us.

6. What if I am not happy with AFT and wish to return it?

In such case, you can use our unique 40 days MoneyBack guarantee. You can test the system on your DEMO account with no risk. Trade according to developer instructions and see the results. Still not satisfied? In that case contact us, show us your results for your money back consideration. Also, please read our general trading conditions for this product which do apply here.

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