Why getting AutoForexTrader Free Trial?

Firstly, because it’s free most of all; so, there will probably be no better opportunity to try it!
Secondly, because our server’s capacity is limited and we can serve only a limited number of trials at a time.
So, why trying this unique expert advisor right now? That should not be a question. Just go for it, while there is a room for you. 30 days of Automated Forex Trading Free for you right now!


What will you learn?

You will find out a lot about how this Expert Advisor works and about yourself, too.
AutoForexTrader (AFT) will show its consistency in making great results. Also, the test might prove that AFT does not need you to trade at all. Will you be left out? Not at all! You won’t be taken your job of a trader. At the time of testing, it is good to follow performance and results. Plus, ask as many questions as you might possibly have. You will learn something more about yourself, too. Moreover, you will find out if you are a trader who is able to go with the rules or ignore them. Further, you can analyze whether to use more or less aggressive strategy in your LIVE trading. Automated Trading System does not have any emotions. You do! Sadly, you are the one who can crash the success brought by this amazing EA. So, make sure you do not do that and follow the rules.


Which Forex Broker is the best for your test?

Any broker can be useful.
Though, it is important to note that every broker does offer traders different trading conditions and market data. Some do not allow automated trading, some do. You – traders and investors come from different financial background. These key factors actually matter quite lot when choosing a broker for your automated trading adventure.

To make it a bit easier, in the bellow analysis, I will point some examples of testing accounts and the way to approach each of them.

Key factors to check thoroughly at the very beginning are:

  • trading conditions and maximum offered leverage
  • virtual amount to be traded at your DEMO account (or LIVE trading account if you decided to test LIVE straight away)
  • default settings for the chosen amount invested will be same with DEMO as well as LIVE trading account once you enter into real market conditions with real funds of yours. It is not possible to expect the same results with trading account of 1000, 3000, 10 000 or 100 000 and 1 000 000 USD trading account. Such important key difference of the amount invested will radically influence possibilities of the algorithm and final results generated.


Thus, how would a sample trading look like?

Virtual investment of USD 10 000

  • we’re choosing a broker which offers min. leverage of 1:400 and higher (i.e.. IronFX, SwissQuote, FXDD)
  • we’re trading maximum 2-3 currency pairs

Virtual investment of USD 50 000

  • we’re choosing a broker which offers min. leverage of 1:200-400 (i.e. IronFX, FXDD)
  • we’re trading maximum 3-4 currency pairs
  • AFT can be used also with 1:100 leverage at this volume, though, number of currency pairs to be safely traded decreases. Therefore, with this volume and leverage, it is much safer to trade up to 1-2 currency pairs with e.g. Swissquote, XTB etc.

Virtual investment of USD 100 000 and more

  • we’re choosing a broker which offers min. leverage of 1:100 and higher (napr. IronFX, SwissQuote, FXDD, XTB)
  • we’re trading maximum 3-4 currency pairs (5 with larger trading accounts over 200 000 units)

With larger investments such as USD 500 000, 1 Million and larger sums, it is highly recommended to consult conditions with your broker. Contact us to get our expert analysis to set you up as appropriately as possible.

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Is 30 Days enough?

It is definitely enough to find out that AFT works and basically how it works. It is also enough to check how much can it make in such a short period either during volatile or lazy summer market. Further, it is great time to see what P/L number does it hold during trading and what drawdown (DD) levels can it reach. If you are lucky and there are some serious market moves and corrections during the trial, you will see a big part of what can AFT do. Mostly, one month is not enough to see all possible situations a market can create. We are proud of our Premium solution to hold the DD levels under control. Sadly, 30 days is not enough to experience at least 12 months of continual automated trading. In larger period, a trader can experience 2-4% profits each months with i.e. 5-6% of total DD in the end of this period. I guess, you have already counted what the net profit could look like.

To offer another real life example of how the future of your trading could look like, we have set several DEMO and LIVE trading accounts. You can follow these on the main page – to see more details just click on the banner or green button bellow. No one can predict either market moves or what the net profits will look like over the upcoming several months and years. Nevertheless, many positive backtests, traders’ replies, live and demo results suggests that Automated Forex Trader is very well prepared to make some great positive results for its owner now and further.


What will you not know after the Trial is over?

For example, to get one coherent and relevant result, it is vital that a trader uses the AutoForexTrader for at least 3 months and more. We are trading long term strategy here and some trading cycles requires weeks and months of trading, not 30 days. Also, the larger DEMO or LIVE trading account a trader uses, the more possibilities there are. Further, flexibility and opportunities grow significantly. So, does your safety and risk control power. Lastly, with larger account volume a trader can experience lower risk levels and diversify AFT settings on each currency pair.


Is the 30 Days FREE TRIAL limited anyhow?

Yes, it is.

  • one trader can have AutomatedForexTrader Free Trial version activated with 1 x DEMO or LIVE trading account
  • we are limited by our servers space and performance; at one time, we can serve maximum 30 traders to take advantage of this unique 30 Days FREE TRIAL
  • Free Trial option ends by September 30, 2015
  • during the test, a trader is not able to see all the functionality 100% in graphics; nonetheless, one can see all the results via own MT4 trading terminal. How the system looks like, how to turn it on, set it up, choose a strategy, risk levels and many other important functionalities are revealed to a trader after he/she buys it or rent it.


Who is the Trial for?

  • trading beginners
  • traders amateurs
  • experienced and professional traders
  • experienced and professional investors
  • money-managers, institutions, investment funds,
  • for everyone else, who understands and is able to cope with risk included in trading currency pairs and trading using leverage

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Take time to get familiar with Risk Warning associated with use of automated trading systems.
This article and all information contained herein can not be regarded as financial or investment advice, nor does the proposal for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. Read more about the risks associated with trading using leverage and automated trading risk warnings.

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