General Terms and Conditions valid for orders via the online store 

1. General Provisions

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) apply exclusively to purchase software at online store. It is agreed by the buyer and seller that means of distance communication can be used to allow accomplishing contract without the simultaneous physical presence of these parties. By filling biding order via order form on this site the buyer confirms that he is acquainted with these GTC and the complaint procedure and that buyer fully agrees with all of the above.


The Seller is owner of online store, hereinafter „seller“.


The buyer is defined as a private individual or legal entity who has entered into a business relationship with the seller as a buyer of products and / or services from the seller via online store. The buyer – or consumer – the consumer is any individual who buys products or uses services for direct personal use. These general terms and conditions apply to supplies of products and / or services ordered online store. Before ordering any goods and / or services, It is the principal duty of buyer to get thoroughly familiar with the GTC, which become binding on the buyer ordering goods and / or services. Terms and Conditions govern the rights and obligations of the parties under the purchase contract concluded between the buyer and seller. At the beginning of trade relation between buyer and seller, the buyer gives the seller all contact information necessary for the smooth execution of the order, furthermore, any additional information which the buyer prefers to be stated in purchasing documents and invoice.

2. Contract of purchase

Electronic order via online store is a draft of product and / or service purchasing contract. The condition of the electronic order to be valid is to fill in all the mandatory data in the order form. After submitting your order, it will be processed as soon as possible and buyer will receive e-mail order confirmation by the seller; moreover, if necessary, any additional information about your order will be sent to the very same e-mail address. The purchase agreement is valid on receipt of the goods and / or services ordered by the buyer.

3. Privacy policy

Personal information is protected from disclosure and use of third party. Personal data will be handled in accordance with Personal Data Protection, as amended, and its disclosure is voluntary. Exceptions are only product and / or service implementation, the transport of goods where it is necessary to indicate the basic personal data to deliver the ordered goods. Provided personal information when ordering products and services is solely for our internal use and serve only to the successful execution of your requirements. Upon completion of the order data are archived and are used for accounting and statistical purposes. Upon buyer’s request, all personal data may be removed at the Seller’s database. It is agreed by buyer and seller that all personal data provided may be used for marketing activities of the site owners, for the purpose of postal or telephone communications during transmission of orders and for the purpose of sending offers of via e-mail. Binding confirmation of the order Buyer agrees to the processing of all provided personal data within the above-mentioned range.

4. Orders

The buyer confirms to impose his or her order by sending it in a web browser. The seller consequently sends order confirmation to the email address of the buyer. Any order confirmed by the Seller to the Buyer is considered to be binding.

5. Order cancellation

a) by the buyer

Sent order, may be cancelled by the buyer within 24 hours of order confirmation via email to contact [at] autmatedforextrader [dot] net. Such an order cancellation is considered canceled. When canceling an order it is necessary to enter your name, e-mail, order number and a description of the goods ordered. In case of order cancellation we do not charge any penalties or other fees associated with the cancellation of order. Seller will return the buyer the sum he/she had paid for the purchase or part of it thereof within 7 calendar days after the order cancellation was received. Funds are returned by wire transfer to a bank account designated by the buyer, unless mutually agreed otherwise.

b) by the seller

Seller has the right to cancel the order fully or partially thereof if the goods are no longer produced or delivered, it has long been unavailable or has been changed significantly by the price vendor. In the event that this happens, the buyer will be contacted immediately by email or phone and will be proposed next steps. 

6. Withdrawal

The buyer is entitled without giving any reason to cancel the contract within 7 working days after receiving the goods. The buyer has the right to unpack and test the same way as usual when buying a classic “brick” shop within that period after receipt of the goods. To Test, however, does not mean to begin using a product and return it after a few days to the seller.

A buyer can not cancel the contract, its object:

a) provision of a service, if the service has begun to address with the consent of the buyer before the deadline for withdrawal,

b) sale of goods made to the specific requirements of the buyer or goods intended specifically for one buyer or goods which considering its features can not be returned;

c) sale of audiovisual works, sound recordings or audio-visual recording of a performance or a multimedia work that consumer unpacked, respectively, further, a computer program (software) which was carried out by its installation.

30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee
If the purchased trading software was already installed and in the performance by the buyer, it is possible that the buyer requests a refund for purchased trading system. The application for refunding purchase price is subject to the condition that the buyer should send a trading history statement with applied purchased software showing at least 20 business days (28 calendar days) of trading at buyer’s Demo or Live account to address contact [at] automatedforextrader [dot] net. Buyer is entitled 30 days money back guarantee since buying the software. If it is elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions stated otherwise, then these rules might also apply. 30 days Moneyback guarantee does not apply to rent of VPS Hosting service (virtual private server) and rental programs of Automated Forex Trader software.

In the case of a full license refund, refund sum shall be deducted by lump sum 69 EUR for 1 month AFT rent.

7. Payment and delivery terms

a) payment terms

The products and services can be paid for in the following ways:

  • in advance via bank transfer

  • by credit card via PayPal

  • direct deposit to the account of the seller

  • The buyer shall pay a Proforma invoice (emailed to buyer) via bank wire transfer and then the goods are dispatched by email. The shipment is accompanied by an original invoice. 

Automated Forex Trader software remains the seller’s property until full payment of the invoice issued by Seller.

b) delivery terms

Product delivery is FREE of charge.

Software is usually delivered via e-mail within 24 working hours after the payment was received by the seller.

c) terms of delivery

Delivery time for most of our products and services is 1-2 business days upon payment receipt. In the event that any goods are not in stock, we will contact you immediately with the next possible delivery date.

8. Additional customer services – Technical support

Within the purchase agreement terms, Seller provides the following additional services to customers such as technical support (via email at contact [@] automatedforextrader [dot] net and by skype on request) for the initial installation and setup of purchased software.

9. Other rights and obligations

Notwithstanding any other provisions of GTC, Seller is not liable to the buyer for lost profits, loss of opportunity or any other direct and indirect or consequential loss arising in any way from buying, renting and using trading software sold in this online store.

10. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

On all disputes from the contractual relationship resulting from orders through the online store, including disputes about the existence or absence of a contract of sale is exclusively competent local and materially competent Court. The contractual relationship is subject to Slovak law.

11. Final provisions

The Seller declares that all software sold is genuine and legal, sold with its authors’ approval. Software is not used in any way, the products are consigned, as supplied by the manufacturer or distributor. These Terms and Conditions are valid from 17/11/2014, updated 28/09/2017 and cancel all previous provisions and practices. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice by the Seller.

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