Why choose trading with Automated Forex Trader?

What is automated trading system (ATS) and how does it work?

ATS means fully Automated Trading System which can trade on foreign exchange or other market on your behalf according to predetermined rules. To be precise, we use Automated Forex Trading system. This means investor needs to control it but not manually interfere into any trading action. All steps and trading signals are programmed and set by the ATS. For example, it places order to enter and exit a position. In its very nature using ATS is quite simple. Only thing needed from an investor is to turn the system on in his/her trading platform and ATS will take care of trading from there. It it is top quality ATS such as Automated Forex Trader, the main job of an investor is to not interfere and follow basic trading strategy instruction. Furthermore, expert advisor such as Automated Forex Trader searches for an entry signal based on specified parameters, determines the size of opening position, places an immediate order and waits for desired take profit level where it exits from the position or set of positions. It is highly recommended to check your MT4 terminal time to time, though to not interfere. We are here for you, just ask a question if you don’t know what to do.

Does Automated Forex Trading have any advantages comparing to conventional trading methods?

AFT’s main advantage is that it does not have any emotions, which often influence a trader, and it is not affected by a change of market sentiment. It works 24 hours a day, restlessly seeks investment opportunities even at a time you are not watching it.

Automated trading systems can also be used as trading signals searching tool based on e.g. technical analysis and various indicators. In practice, instead of time consuming waiting for the right trading signal in front of your computer, your expert advisor can find signal for desired entry and let you know via alarm, audio signal, arrow on the chart, text message or e-mail to entry the position. Then, you can manually enter in the desired trade and save some time in front of PC, waiting for a signal to entry. This example, however, describes more semi-automated trading system, which does not do all the work for an investor, instead, deserves quite a portion of time. Automated Forex Trader is therefore higher level of trading solution as it executes all signals for you.

Isn’t it too risky?

Trading on currency, stock or any other exchange carries high risks, indeed. By using automated trading system, such as AFT, we try to eliminate these risks in form of stop-limit orders, by maximum prevention of decline and other specific features. Moreover, every trader prefers different strategy and risk level. One trader likes riskier strategy with higher profit potential but also higher risk of possible larger declines of account balance. Another trader prefers minimal possible risk and lower profits as well as lower risk of potential drawdown. All in all, one should not consider trading on any exchange a conservative form of investment. We inform more about potential risks in the following document.

What is the best way to prove Automated Forex Trader works and I won’t lose my investment?

It is highly recommended that all users, traders and investors try DEMO account trading and find out if this type of trading suits you. You will see yourself how Automated Forex Trader copes with your chosen broker. Every broker can offer traders different market data and/or access to market channel and this can influence trading results. However, AFT can handle most brokers’ conditions. It is recommended to consult chosen broker both for DEMO and LIVE trading with Automated Forex Trader. Lastly, you will see the results after your testing period. To make it easier for all of you, we have set up both DEMO and LIVE trading account results of which you can follow on our main page. Additionally, you can try our time limited Trial offer to test AFT FREE for 30 days. If you are still not satisfied and you can prove it by results to us for at least 21 working trading days, we will consider to give your money back. For more details on money back guarantee, see our terms and conditions.

How does AFT actually work? What investment opportunities does it search for?

Automated Forex Trader’s strategy is based on the most important feature of the market – it’s movement up or down. In detail, system is very complex but it keeps the trading of its algorithms as simple as possible. One of the basic principles is that a price of assets, in this case currencies, decline faster than its price increases. Previous 5 years of trading proved us that this can happen also exactly otherwise. Therefore, AFT expert advisor speculates on the decline after large market growth and change in trend. The same can be applied otherwise, where it speculates on market growth after large decline and change in trend. Generally, it can cover both of these very basic, though key principles of currency market.

Will it work even if currency market dramatically changes in time?

Foreign exchange market is often unpredictable. Even unthinkable, extreme situations can occur, which need to be reacted to by traders. In case of any change on the market, Automated Forex Trader is prepared for very many extremes already, developed for you from 2007. If an upgrade is needed, remember we are already working on it and will update your AFT program absolutely free. We also regularly publish preferred settings for all AFT users once a week. Follow our Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account.

For better picture how it works and what strategies can be applied watch this video:

To see more videos and AutoForexTrader strategies visit our YouTube channel HERE.
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