Please, pay attention to the following risk warning and risk disclaimer associated with the use of automated trading systems (ATS)

Automated trading carries high risk of potential loss

Hypothetical or simulated results include their hidden certain restrictions. Unlike a LIVE trading, simulated results do not represent real trading. Since the trades were actually executed virtually the results can be overestimated or underestimated based on a number of factors absence such as lack of liquidity. Simulated automated trading system performance is generally created by analyzing past results. Therefore, one cannot assume or claim that any trader using ATS, within own trading account, reaches or can reach profits or losses similar to those represented by trading scheme published at .

Often, there are significant differences between hypothetical – simulated trading results and real trading results, further, real account results achieved by any other special trading system. One of the limitations of hypothetical trading is that such trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can not fully calculate the impact of financial risk than is the case in LIVE trading. For example, the ability of a trader to withstand losses or to follow the special trading system, regardless of the trading losses are important facts that may affect real trading results. There are many factors related specifically to online forex trading, to finance market itself, and to the implementation of any specialized trading system; moreover, a trader cannot anticipate with these during preparation of hypothetical outcomes of his automated trading system as all of these factors can adversely affect real LIVE trading results of used ATS.

In the absence of real trading results which could be directly compared to hypothetical results traders using automated trading systems should be wary of being too confident with own trading based on these hypothetical results. Hypothetical results are hypothetical in nature and do not represent trading with real funds on LIVE trading accounts.

Author of this web site and owner of Automate Forex Trader EA software is not responsible in any way for the content of the information provided by the trading system and for trading system operation or for any damages caused by using the trading system. Using Automated Forex Trader (AFT) is solely at the discretion of the trader using it and it is his only responsibility to understand and consider all the risks involved in LIVE trading using leverage. Every AFT user is expected to get closely familiar with conditions provision of services related to the use of the trading system before one will use it for LIVE trading.

Trading results of past periods are not in any case and cannot be a guarantee of the future AFT trading performance. The value of a trader’s investments and related income coming form these investments may decline as well as grow. All transactions performed by a trader in financial markets carry a high risk of capital loss. Investors should, therefore, fully understand the risk of not always getting back the full amount of their initial investment.

All Information published on this website is purely indicative and must not be regarded to as a proposal, advice or offer to buy or sell any financial instrument. Although the facts and information on this website is obtained from sources we consider to be authentic and reliable such as our own testing, backtesting and automated trading, we do not guarantee their accuracy and any information may be incomplete or truncated. This website owner is not responsible for any failures, typographical errors and inaccuracies in any information published on this website. Any opinions, estimates and information herein reflect solely the views of relevant departments of the company and we reserve the right to change them without notice. Different personnel and collaborators can express different but also contradictory opinions; further, any information placed on this website can express different also contradictory opinions. Opinions published here may be based on a variety of  own analytical methods. As a basis for the published opinions and presenting simulations are often used tools of fundamental and technical analysis applied in different periods of time. Therefore, these can often present different results even though the very same instrument financial market was traded.

The company, its subsidiaries, officers and / or employees may or may not at any time hold long and short positions in any investment instrument mentioned on these pages. Sample orders, lists of orders, tests and backtests on this site, especially in the Blog section may be illustrative only and the Company may or may not perform presented strategies in real trading in the real market.

Neither this website nor its owners provide any investment or financial advisory services. Company employees can express only their personal views or their own experiences with Automated Forex Trader testing, which can in no way be considered as any basis for your investment decisions or carrying out activities of a financial adviser. Investment strategies using   automated trading system described on this website are not suitable for all investors. If you do not fully understand the conditions and risks that are carried by trading with automated trading software (EA), including the extent of potential risk losses that may in certain cases even exceed the value of your total investment, you should refrain from trading using automated trading system. Before starting automated trading, please, make sure you understand this risk warning and all other terms and conditions.

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